Looking for rock/metal Electric Guitarist to jam with!

Choong Jun Rong

New member
Hey, this is Jun Rong! I’ve been playing electric guitar for about 3-4 years and would love to find another electric guitarist to chill with and jam to tunes that both of us like..

Im not looking for anything/anyone too serious (Like song composing, recording, song writing, band forming etc.) but just someone who’d like to be accountable to each other on our progress, share ideas, licks, do cover songs together.

Here are some songs that hopefully you can click with, and we could possibly jam to:
- metallica (nothing else matters, master of puppets, enter sandman)
- a7x (hail to the king)
- john mayer songs (slow dancing in a burning room)
- acdc songs (back in black)
- led zeppelin songs
- basket case - green day

Life can be busy, and everyone has their own things to deal with. But id love to hang with someone who can meet at least once in a week, or once in 2 weeks.. Im flexible to sometimes not being able to jam due to life and commitments, but if you think you cant commit to this level of frequency long term, then youre probably not the one..

But if you think you can commit and click with this post, then PM me at 8435 3078 :)