Looking for Rappers/Hip-Hop Singers/Beatmakers/Hip Hop Producers


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I've been doing music production by myself for the past few years and have a few decent beats so now I'm looking for rappers or singers (male or female, doesnt matter) in Singapore who want to create some fresh hip-hop music and are keen to collaborate. I'm also looking to meet other producers/beatmakers because I've found it hard to find the hip-hop scene here and would like to meet like-minded people and hear their beats.

To give you an idea of the type of artists I'm influenced by: Kanye West, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams/The Neptunes, Kid Cudi etc. however I want to do something new and blend in the local culture, basically looking to create amazing music, play some shows and bring something new and exciting to this hip-hop laden Singapore, who's up for starting it with me?

You can contact me on: 9145 2472

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!
hi, i wanna be friends. i listen to the same people

I'm a self taught music producer n wannabe autotune rapper that makes instrumental songs from different genres on lofibardzzz and more.
Some songs are made by me and some are songs made with AI if u dont mind.


here's another link for my autotune rap songs that isn't really passable yet