Looking for passionate, open-minded, versatile KEYBOARDIST


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Hi everybody!

We have finally found a guitarist after months, and now we are looking for a KEYBOARDIST to join our band. We are currently a band of drum, bass, guitar and female vocals. All of us are Singaporean Chinese, and in our mid-late 20s. All of us have some previous gigging experience.

Generally, the band will stick to a Rock lineup - drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and vocals with backup singing. We are keen to explore all music genres within the realms of Rock, except perhaps the extreme forms of Metal (Death/Black Metal) and Hardcore. We believe it’s important for us to remain open-minded to all forms of music, and learn to play as many different styles as possible. But because the band ultimately uses a Rock arrangement, we are not configured towards Hip-Hop, R&B, Techno/Dance and Ambient styles.

In the long term, we hope to compose, record and produce our own original music. Right now, our short-term goal is to get back into the groove of things again, and play as many cover songs as possible to improve our skills and musicianship. We’re not professional yet, but we aspire to be. That’s why we need to find like-minded musicians with similar goals, who are able to commit to the band, to have fun, to learn and to grow together as a family.

All you passionate keyboardists out there, we want you to join the family in our musical journey.

We’re looking for players who are:
- In their 20s - 30s
- Strictly male or strictly female
- Technically sound (no need pro, but must be able to play in a band)
- Versatile (able to handle both lead lines and rhythm roles)
- Passionate about learning
- Open-minded about music in general
- Able to commit to the band (at least once a week for practice, more frequently if required)
- Humble and easy-going

We’re NOT looking for:
- Sessionists or players who are already in other higher priority bands
- Egoistic players who only want to play their favourite music, and not willing to learn other styles
- Guys who are still in full-time NS and cannot afford time to learn songs

If you’re interested, please drop me a PM with these details and we’ll follow up via email :
- Name
- Age/Sex/Race
- Playing/Gigging Experience
- Demo of your playing
: MP3, video link etc., if you have any. We’d love to hear some
- Email address
(the PM system here is not working very well)

Thanks for your patience and sorry if this ad looks familiar to our previous ad for guitarist.
We really hope to find the right people. Looking forward to your favourable replies!
Let me know if u guys still need guitarist in the future. Agreed with your points below.. Thanks, Benji
Bro good luck for your search! Took my band forever to find a keyboardist lol.
They are scarce but I hope you find the perfect player for your band!