Looking for metal/rock musicians


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Hi, im a guitarist and part time vocalist but prefer guitar. Looking to find a guitarist, bass player, drummer for a casual jam. I am looking on the heavy side like metal and rock but open to ideas/ a challenge if someone is passionate about a sing. Often, these things work better if everyone has some input for casual jams.

Im a father and gainfully employed so at times, other things take priorities so maybe its better if i find folks in the same space. Just a bit of fun while hanging out and trying to improve on our the musicianship. Let me know if interested! We can be figure out venues to jam but i am located in the east coast so if we can find somewhere there then great.
Hi I dabble with vocals and I also enjoy rock and metal. If you have a jam upcoming I'd love to pop by and hammer out a song or 2 and we can see it goes
Can i get your number and we can

hey yo experienced drummer here lf a casual jamming grp as well, mostly into metal but down for a bit of rock here n there too. PM me and ill pass u my num and we can discuss if youre still looking, cheers :p
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Hi,lefty bassman available,into pop,rock,metal n lil here n there,in my 50s,easap me at 81265432
I play bass, I'm into rock, alternative, metal and few reggae. Hot me up if need bassist for casual jamming. Hp# 98242692