Looking for female guitarist (Otsuka Ai songs)

Dark Heart

New member
Hi ladies who play electric guitar. We are looking for you.
My band is Otsuka Ai Tribute Band(OATB)
We play only Otsuka Ai songs.

Standard requirement
You can play by ear
Have few years learning experience. (Minimum 2years)
You like Otsuka Ai
You are interested to jam weekly. Gig frequently.

My guitarist will audition you.

Contact me at 98981483. Don send me message here.
Phone is more efficient right, people carry phone with them everywhere.
Dude,your last sentence is a bit 'extra', i saw you posting for around 1 year +, no one is suitable? i am sure u must have audited a tons of players.
Dark Heart, instead of creating new threads, just post in the original thread. Thanks.
Precisely. Dude, try to be not so rude. Musicians should be cool,then people feel relax enough to join your band mah.
I wouldnt want to rant on anyone, and of course as musicians, we would love to be friends, but if ppl are not receptive towards us, why shld we bother to be nice to them? They can troll all they want, after all behind this computer screen, no one knows who dark heart is in real life, But the impt thing for us is to f*** care this guys, and move on :)