Looking For Drummer, Bassist And Vocalist for Casual Jam


New member

Im looking to pull together a group to jam casually. Need a bassist, vocalist and drummer. Not our only music interest but to start we can go with Metallica. We can see how we go from there.

Looking at albums from kill em all to reload, you dont have to know start to finish but keen and capable to learn different songs will be good. Would be good to have at least 5 to 8 songs roughly known start to finish if you want something to measure yourself against.

Age and gender need not be a limitation. As i say, will be casual, maybe once every two weeks roughly depending on schedule as we all have jobs and possibly kids! Just looking at having a bit of fun and maybe having a beer afterwards. If you are interested, record a clip of your best of at least a minute and maybe playing a metallica song post on youtube and send me the link. We can go from there! Will look to find a suitable spot to jam for all involved.

Let me know if any questions!