local electronic folk pop or rock?


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hey people,
just wondering if there're any local groups out there doing electronic folk pop or rock.. dont know if you've heard, but there's this great resurgence of folk pop/rock in HK right now. there's at17, chet lam, the pancakes - all supposedly "indie" but now rather big in HK. would love to hear such music from singaporeans!
The Observatory fits your bill to a tee. They should be your 1st stop. :D

Phorous is more rock. The guitarist, MagnumF has another side project called Holidays On Saturday which is electronic folk like bands like Bent, etc.

Nick Chan from Astreal aka MUON has just started a new band, The Death Of Cinema which combines loops and samples with traditional instruments like guitars and drums. Good stuff... like Air and DJ Shadow.

If I'm not wrong, Underneath Blue Skies has added a guitarist amidst the bleepy IDM beats but I could be wrong.

I know of a few other solo home studio musicians such as Luke Tan (which frequents this forum) and Mark Wong who flourishes electronic sounds to the organic sounds.

Would you know how I can take a listen to these HK acts? Thanks! :D
AgingYouth said:
Would you know how I can take a listen to these HK acts? Thanks! :D

hey THANKS! where do u think i can get to listen to these local acts too?! haha.

if you wanna have a taste of at17, chet lam & the pancakes, i could always send you some of their mp3s. haha. well it;'s not exactly the easiest thign to find their CDs in singapore! you can go check out candy lo's live performances when she was with this hk indie band here - http://www.seewise.net/CyberAudio/Live.html

that's since ages ago but candy's real good!

& the websites for at17 & chet lam:
You can get The Observatory's "Time Of Rebirth" at the record stores... They are distributed by Universal. If you are thinking of interviewing them for your magazine, you gotta wait a little while. They are finishing up on the recording of the 2nd album. In fact, everything except the drums is done! Those workaholics!! "Time Of Rebirth" came out last April. The speed they work... 8)

I downloaded some The Pancakes last night. It's very kitschy... like Cibo Matto with a Hong Kong accent, instead of a Japanese accent! :) I'd definitely wanna hear some of those mp3s that you have! Thanks!
i have some nicer songs from the pancakes. well her songs can be pretty tragic. haha. oh if you want the mp3s just pm your email add - i'll send some of the good ones to you. ;)
Just PM you my 3 e-mail adds. Hehehe...

Hope to hear from you soon. I love this type of music. Perhaps, we can discuss this further eh? You are from HK eh? :D