LMF - Lazy Mutha Fucka


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any LMF fans here?

bought a single today LMF AMIiGLiA,
4 tracks damn f**ka good !!!


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guess they are as good as the Beastie Boys? Run DMC?
sounds rather like Jay Chou hip hop rap or it sound be otherwise?
Jay Chou sounds like them?
LMF was awesome when they came here for a gig. They sounded really tight and knew how to work the crowd. Love their lyrics for its sarcasm and jibe at world affairs.

It's a pity that they had to split...
wow! so some fans yeah?
I bump into a MP3 CD of theirs, wanted to buy... err
but somehow hesitated, now guess got to go HMV to buy lo...

the single I bought all 4 tracks are real solid !!!
as good as if not better than the Beastie Boys !

HEHEHEHEHEHE i got their live show. unplug though.

eh mel you were there? the esplanade gig right? but there was a power failure got quite a long time right. lol power sial
Yeah. I was there with rottenramone at the LMF Esplanade gig. It was funny how they went for their cigarette break while waiting for the power failure to get fixed lol.

"Take a while to smoke a cigarette also cannot ah?" (in cantonese)

That was their most killer line for the night lol.

Pity I had to miss their farewell gig at Zouk :(
LMF The Best Chinese Band In Asia

Yeah..LMF Rockzzz...The best album so far is the "Dai Lan Tong", the 2nd EP...Their LMFamiglia Live VCD is excellent too but is band in Singapore.
Yesss yessss LMF!
*respect and respects!
Kevin the drummer is currently playing in a hk punkrock band, Hardpack,
I wonder where the rest are.. :roll:

I actually first heard of them in 2001 when I was wrking in Channel U. This HK tv crew all listened to it, and I thought man its so $#% cool to rap in cantonese!!!
i think all their albums rock. serious man you should get all lol.

+ get their live.

mel80: sigh zouk. underage =(

HUM GA LING! :lol:

just heard a few tracks from them, was like 3 years back already.
but i thought they're no longer together?
haha i've only heard one of their songs, sung with karen mok and it's good stuff. my friends who dont know cantonese r hooked onto it too.
hi there,

i am proud that i am the first to discover them in the 90s and intro to fellow frenz...

you should listen to their earlier one.... like ham ka leng, or LMF vs the gardener... not those cheessy one youheard on the later album..

anyone into china rock like YAKSA?
Yeah...Some of the LMF members are from Anodize...and Alienoid is one of the best Chinese band in Malaysia many years back.