List down Good Guitar Shops in KL


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Going to KL on the 13th ...Need to know the guitar shops there ...might be able to find some pickups and stuff. guys just leave your comments or places of interest in KL here. i'm a NEWBIE there!~
i think it's cheaper to buy stuff here than there. my uncle went to KL that time, wanted to buy a bass, forgot which one, but there was selling much higher than here. forgot how much higher, but a few hundred higher...

There's one along Jln Bt Bintang... Bentley? They sell fenders and stuff. another one inside a shopping centre as well... forgot the name..
i was hoping to find dimarzios with different colour schemes other den black and white..well..thanks for the info guys...any others ?
ermz.. ya.. think its cheaper and better to buy guitar stuff from s'pore.. heehee.. got a friend from ipoh.. he make regular trips to s'pore for his gears.. if KL is a good place.. he'll be going there rite? well.. jus my 2 cents worth.. :wink:
Yo bro......
Check dis out......... :lol:

Bently Music
140 & 142, Jalan Bukit Bintang
They r the distributor for FENDER, IBANEZ n ROLAND. They r like swee lee here. U can be lucky to get stuff dat r unavailable in here cos maybe ppl over they do not use it. The last time I spree myself a fender tremsetter n i install on 1 of my pgm. The ppl there r surprise wen I bought a ibanez hardcase. 8O

Woh Fatt music house
37, Jalan Silang
They r the distributor for GIBSON. Lots of variety, style n spec...all hanging. on the wall. Pick ur choice

C K music
125, Jalan Ambi
Thay r the disributor for ZOOM, KORG, ALESIS n also CASIO. A branch of City Music there.

Chambers Music
Lot T052-T053, 3rd floor
Sungai Wang Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail

DOREMI sound n light
13-3, Jalan Raja Laut
Forgotten wat they hv. Sori bro....but u can check it up.....

Peterson'sUG25, Complexs Wilayah
Jalan Dang Wangi.
Its a general store of musical instruments and cool collectables stuff. Got myself a boss bcb-3. Sumting i dont even see in here.

Hope dis is also very informative to u and the rest of soft member.....

Feel free to update dis cos its was ard paul gilber asian tour clinic in 2000. N i was the only s'pore to be at his clinic. A very memorial 1.

I would like to suggest u to rent a cheap hotel ard jalan bukit bintang cos it is nearer to bently. I do mostly walking wen recce the music store above. Dont forget the HRC there. Happening!

If u wana more detail......pls do pm me......

Enjoys 8) 8) 8)