Line 6 Spider2..

the last time i saw at city music during the sale..
the 15 watt was going for 240..
luther sells for 280..
now city music no more sale so should be ard the same as luther..
not too long ago..
someone on luther was selling the line 6 30 watts amp for 300!
very good buy..
but im quite contented with my VOX PATHFINDER 15R which has a very nice clean sound for a practice amp and its affordable..
im not changing amp for at least some time from now..
next will be a Vetta 2 Spider i think..
planning for that by end of 2007..
i see...i wanna get a spider2 cos the features on it really is what i need and want...plannin 2 get a spider2 30...thx for the info man
hey dude, did you ever consider the Roland Cube 30? go test it out...u might like it better... :) and it also has ur fx like delay, flanger, tremelo and verbs. distortion ranges from blues to classic rock to metal mayhem...
was down at City just before CNY...

was planning to get Spider 30watts...
then Mike tested both Spider 30 and Vox Valvetronix...

in the end... i bought the Vox Valve 15watts(good enough for my room)..
proce was abit more than the Spider 15...
paid about 350..

warmer sounds then spider...
if you are into metallic sounds, spider is the one...
if rock/contemp/pop, Vox is to be considered :)
If u purely just wan to play metal, the amp is just right for u, but the other sounds produce by the amp is a far cry from the Roland Cube 30. Best is u go test them out urself. :wink:
swee lee sells it..but me thinks out of stock...or can try the sims drive office...they shld still have some pieces left.. if not, there are other shops that have it. maybe rankin sports, and allmusic...cheers
270 i think...i have it...abit difficult to use...irrtating at times but the crunch channel is really dam good....beyond words...i use it when i play classic stuff and all those led zep stuff...i use insane when practising with crazy sounds like legato etc.
it is a great amp.

very versatile and the distortion capabilties are out of this world.

i have the 120 watt one.

you should buy it especcially if you're into heavier music.
super_punk said:
it is a great amp..

I must add that... Personally, I found the 75 watter good sounding. I like the metal tone there, good for shredding leads.

However, I thought the 15 watter was horrible after trying the 75W. But as a budget amp, I guess it cuts the cake.

I guess the higher up the watter, the better it sounds. Heh. 8)

In anycase, I gave up on Line 6. I have tried a Flextone III amp for a couple of months and I found the jazz clean channel the only channel I used in the end. The distortion was pretty much lifeless and plain. Thats my opinion btw...

I would rather got for a Tech21 Trademark 10 or 30. Now thats some better sounding and warmer analog tone modelling stuff.