LF guitarist(s) and drummer to do mandarin rock originals


New member
Hi all, am looking for guitarist(s) and a drummer to do mandarin rock originals.

• Able to play in time, and a bonus if you're able to play tightly as a band

• Able and willing to contribute to one or more of the following:
1) lyrics writing (in mandarin)
2) music composition
3) recording/production process
4) some of the non-music related band duties (e.g. organizing, publicity, etc.)

• Age group: people currently in their 30s

• As originals creation is a long process, you'll need to be:
1) willing to commit long term
2) open to sharing the cost of creating an EP/album, if the band unanimously decide to go in that direction

• Just for reference. some of my musical influences include 信乐团, 茄子蛋, 灭火器, 草东没有派对
However, am flexible with how "rock" the band wants to be, depending on the band's overall preference and skill level

Do send me a private message if the above suits what you're looking for!