Lace Sensor set price?


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Hi all, I wanna know how much does the set cost, the one which consist red, blue, silver one.. Thanks, and where can i get it
generally, pretty good cleans, but not so nice distortion/od sound. thats the comments that ive read though, so it might be wrong :S
i used to own a 2nd hand Strat Plus, the old series. its got the blue (n), silver or gold (m) and red (b). it is very quiet. too quiet actually. and it don't sound "naturally strat". hhmmmm... dunno how to phrase it better! sorry... and the p/us were not that strong even tho the red in the bridge is suppose to be the "hot" one! but maybe its due to the pickups dying as this is a rather old guitar. and i dun particularly like the "in-between" sound. i gave the guitar to my brother.

ok, i dunno how it will sound with a newer set. and especially since they are not under the "Fender" tag. the older ones has got "Fender" written on the pickup itself. the newer ones just have "Lace Sensors" on it. maybe it is better... who knows.
ohhh! i forgot to mention the overdriven sound...
it sounds full. but lacking a bit on the highs, less spikey i will say. and it do not have a nice strong distortion sound. maybe the pickups was adjusted too low then.

but i have to stress again, this is based on the an old Strat Plus with old Fender Lace Sensors. the new ones might be diffrent...
anyone know what's the diff between the lace sensor and the noiseless? since both are noiseless and quite?

which original fender PUPs will give the warmest sound plus good strong overdrive?
echoist said:
i used to own a 2nd hand Strat Plus, the old series. its got the blue (n), silver or gold (m) and red (b). it is very quiet. too quiet actually. and it don't sound "naturally strat". hhmmmm... dunno how to phrase it better!

Agree. It's quiet, like any other noiseless pickup. But tone wise, nothing beat the real fender pickups :D.

I never tried Kinmans though, from the sample clips it does sound good, but price wise, put me off :lol:
the main different is the magnet actually.

the Noiseless has got 6 polepieces and it picks up most of the signal from the string. the humcancelling construction is something like the Dimarzio Virtual Vintage and the Kinmans, if i'm not wrong. its stronger than the standard pickup and drives diffrently. warmer and fatter.

the Lace Sensors is diffrent, its got more polepieces, ie not six. i dunno how its spaced out exactly, or how the magnets looks like, could be a bar, could be something else. but the thing is, with having "more polepieces", its suppose to be able to pick-up more signal from the string and gives a "truer" signal. and the picups can be set higher and closer to the strings without having "magnetic pull" that robs string sustain.

which is better, u judge. i'll go for the original pickups tho.

i'm not sure abt the whole models of Fender pickups. read abt them, but not good to relate here as i have no 1st hand experience of using them. what i've used is the original pickups that come with my 95 strat which is nice bright sound but not brittle. different from the newer standard US, maybe its aged for the past 10yrs. and the Texas Special pickups which is higher output. less highs but its got this "high midrange frequency tone/sound" that i dun particularly like. but it drives up nicely tho.
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neuro182 said:
Heard there is a 40% discount this weekend on Dimarzio pickups. What pickups you changed?

yup there is but nvm there will always be sales. the ppl were kind enough to sell them to me cheap :lol:

got the HFH for neck from shredcow and a dual sound from someone else. hmmm i'm so tempted in buying a trem setter
Noiseless pickups

I had an Eric Clapton Fender signature model and its using noiseless pickups ,really sounds clean without the hum and still kicks ass after using overdrive pedals...these pickups also used 9volts battery so needs to check and change battery whenever the sound becomes choppy but overall it suites my sound ...I think its better than lace sensor in terms of versatility coz lace sensors doesnt really sound good with overdrives...:p

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