Korg Triton


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Thinking of getting a korg triton as a synthesiser and midi controller.. But im not reali sure if i shld.. Pls share your comments regarding this keyboard..

I agree, If you want use Triton's internal sequencer, go for Extreme(TE). Classic (TC) will do the job for External Sequencer
hmmm, i do like the korg triton (and its extremem) alot, but i found the 76 keys version having rather horrible keys.. i don't knoe if u guys have a problem with unweighted synth style keys, but if u do, this one cramps ur style... :)
Hey guys, bought a Korg LE instead.. Cos e triton workstation no more stock liao.. But cant find e environment thingy to download so i can use e on-board sounds for my com sequencer.. Anyone has any idea where to get it??