Killswitch Engage


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Just our of curiosity, how many ppl are into this band? They and Chimaira were such a major highlight during the Jagermeister tour. Oh yea, who likes Jagermeister? :twisted:
I'm very much into them. I think Howard Jone's vocals are very much suited for the band, amidst all the pro-Jesse Leach(no doubt he's good too) arguments.

Anyways, they'll be reissue-ing their self-titled debut album on the 11th of January under Ferret, watch out for that. Rawk! \m/
i caught them in melbourne when they played with anthrax and soilwork and they completely blew those two bands away. incredible chemistry with the crowd,fucking tight as hell playing and adam is a great guitarist/complete joker..had a beer with him and he was funny as hell.