Keyboard/synth player wanted from Korean Band - Recruited


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Hi, we are the beginner/intermediate cover band called "ON".

All of our members are Korean (2 Guitarist, 1 Bassist, 1 Drummer, 1 Male vocal and 1 Female vocal),

and currently looking for a keyboard/synth player to join us.

It doesn't matter if you never played in the band (as long as you have a will to practice).

Doesn't matter what age/gender/race you are, beginner or experienced.

Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you :)
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Also, we are covering musics in various genre. From Alternative rocks (Muse, Hoobastank), some Jazzy style korean songs (Hyuckoh) and Korean rocks (Flower, YB) and ballad (Lady Gaga).
Hope this clarifies whoever is looking into joining us. Thank you.