John Petrucci - Suspended Animation


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03-01-05 Suspended Animation is now available! The cd is available for sale exclusively through the Sound Mind Music store. You can visit the store HERE to purchase the cd and other John Petrucci merchandise. Soundclips of the new cd are also now available on the SOUNDS page.

1 Jaws of Life
2 Glasgow Kiss
3 Tunnel Vision
4 Wishful Thinking
5 Damage Control
6 Curve
7 Lost Without You
8 Animate-Inanimate
Ok this is a MUST get. Gonna check if clairvoyant records are bringing it in. Guys let me know if you hear of where to get it here. Thanks in advance.
damage control sounds damn good by the way... i only heard it on G3.. haven't got the album yet.. but im so hungry for it. :twisted:
I haven't heard damage control but i did hear glasgow kiss. Really nice tunes to it.
I've heard half of the tracks from the album bootlegged during his G3 tour! Damage Control was known as IBS if I'm not wrong... And Lost Without You has to be THE song to solo to for your special someone..

Though guys I doubt shops will bring this CD in cause its available ONLY at the website as theres no distributors for it(just like the first pressing for An Evening With...). So for those with no credit/debit cards get somebody to order it for u.

JP Rules~!

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Any one heard the new YJM cd 'Unleash the Fury'? Man, he has really gone down hill, and gained weight. The new Sheehan CD is great. Doesn't Paradigm Shift has some 16th around 220 if I remember correctly?
pooo said:
How bad is the malmsteen album? No melody just noise?

It's just the same old same, there was almost NO difference between 'Unleash the Fury' and 'Alchemy' sure some lyrics changed and he did some of the same old tricks in different keys but really it was just a generic neo-classic shred cd. I have to say though, I have never been the biggest Yngwie fan. If you love Yngwie then it's a must.
Yeah, *Slaps Head* How could I have forgotten that? How? I think even 'In The Name of God' has 32nd at 130bmp, either way it's all damn quick.
Got my copy 2 days ago..

What can I say

Jaws Of Life: Very hooky riff. Downtune guitar.. Kinda Mid-Eastern sounding..

Glasgow Kiss: Mr.Big kinda atmosphere.. Has a Paul Gilbert "feeling".

Tunnel Vision: Wow!!! Those grooves really kicked my a** all over the floor...

Wishful Thinking: Now this song really wells up my tear.. If James Labrie were to sing in this track, that would really be nice.

Damage Control: The riffs kinda tag along inside ur head for a while.. Leaves u feelin high.

Curve: Mid-tempo song with a lot of "Satch" feel

Lost Without You: :cry: A sad song.. Very slow and full of emotion solos and melodies...

Animate-Inanimate: Has a mini-sitar intro... Nice..

Go get yours today!!!!
I dunno guys... I can't get into this Petrucci album at all. I find the solos lifeless and boring... :roll:

Petrucci can sure shred and play fast with some nice licks but I can't connect with it emotionally. IMO, the only nice licks he plays is when he brings out some of the jazz he learnt at Berkley.

I stopped listening to it after about 2 weeks.... which is a marked difference from Jason Becker's Perpetual Burn, which is still in the player, a couple of months and running.

Ah well... different tastes I guess... :wink:
yes..different tastes..
some ppl have good taste, some ppl have bad taste

the same goes for tone.. :p
hey guys ,
where to get this cds?

i use to listen to awake and images and words album only other than that dont quite like it...its just me...i got bad taste...:)

Abt the solo thingy,i cant comment much but what i like abt Petrucci is his rhythm works, awesome...
Yep.. the same for me. Although there are some cool licks in this album, i couldn't connect with it. I would still recommend it for listeners but i believe this is not Petrucci at his best.