Jason Z Schroeder #37 Tedesco


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after a 2-year wait, she is finally here :D


Top: one-piece carved flamed Oregon Myrtlewood
Body: chambered one-piece Honduran Mahogany
Neck: Honduran Mahogany, Fat Baseball Bat shape
Fingerboard: Brazilian Rosewood, 25.5' scale, 12' radius, 1.6650' width, 22 stainless steel 6150 jumbo frets
Pickups: WCR Godwood neck, Darkburst bridge, 5-way megaswitch.
Hardware: Schroeder stoptail, Sperzel locking tuners






more progress pics here:

here is a video of Seth Carlson & Jason Schroeder demo-ing the guitar:
the neck is the biggest neck i've ever held on an electric guitar. just what i asked for. it's bigger than the big '57 profile on my historic R7les paul and 'nocaster' neck on my tele. this one makes them feel like ernie ball necks! lol.
i have big hands and this is *almost* a handful, but feels wonderful. nothing like having a big club to grip when you bend notes!

played it at rehearsal yesterday -it sounds massive and yet very lively. notes cut through the mix better than a lester due to the 25.5' scale.

the WCR Godwood neck has just the right amount of meaty goodness when dirty, but yet articulate at the same time. when clean, does a real fat smokey jazzy clean sound.

the Darkburst bridge is classic rock all the way. punchy, slams you against the wall, with a lot of bite - but not the overbearing mids of a Duncan JB.

and i get tele-ish and gretsch-y sounds on the in-between positions. twangs like anything.

this guitar is very responsive to touch, goes from a whisper to a roar depending on my finger attack. and - just tilting to face the amp brings out sweet, controllable feedback.

my bassist told me that when i was playing bends up and down the neck, the notes 'really leap at everyone in the room. never heard this before'
Nice bro... You have amazing patience, but nice bro ...n my tiny hands nvr wanna shake yours again .. You may crush them..
just thought i'd share, some (crappy indoor) pictures of the guitar without its pickguard.. i kinda like it better this way..


Is it me or are the pickups slanted? Does it give a tonal difference?

that was inspired by Rick Turner's and Michael Steven's guitars. They have slanted neck position pickups.

I asked Jason for both to be slightly slanted on mine.

from what i understand about pickup positioning, the general idea is to have clearer, more articulate bass strings and fatter, sweeter high strings.

not sure how much of it is due to the longer (25.5'') scale, but the guitar is definately more articulate sounding than my les pauls, while still sounding (just as) fat on single note lines. it doesnt sound bad at all to say the least! :)
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