JAMMERZ ARENA - Musician/ Vocalists/ Specialist AUDITIONS 2011

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Congratulations once again to all whom have signed up Republic Poly's Jammerz Arena. You have no doubt shown your interests in your craft and your music. The next stage takes both personality and your chosen skills to the next level. Our advice is simple. Come prepared and with a personable attitude.. :)

General Details;


10th May 2011 (1645h - 2030h)
1. Guitars/Bass - E3 Exhibition Hall (Level 3)
2. JA Specialists Interview - TRCC, Practice Room 1A (Level 1)

11th May 2011 (1645h - 2030h)
1. Vocals - TRCC, Music Studio 1 (Level 2)

12th May 2011 (1645-2030h)
1. Drums/ Keyboards - TRCC, LAB(Black Box) Level 2


19th & 20th Of May 2011 (1645h - 2030h)
Band Auditions - TRCC, LAB(Black Box) Level 2

**Do Look out for our ushers at all our venues for assistance..

TO find out more about us... Check us out on Blogspot for more insights on auditions and why JA is your preferred choice!!

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