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hi was just wondering if anyone could help me, i'm planning to get a new ipod just that there's a lot of songs in my current ipod now and i sure damm hell don't want to go throught the trouble and riping songs off or d/l songs and putting them in my new ipod, anyone knows how to like copy the whole selection so i can transfer it later?

Read ur iPod manual. Therez this part abt not being able to retrieve the songs frm ur iPod bt therez an alternative. Currently i cant rmmbr cant find the manual.
theres a program sold at popular for you to take songs out of your ipod. $20

i wont tell you to dl it off the net.
I dunno if it's possible on an Ipod, but the way I backup my entire music collection from my Creative Zen NX to my com is by changing the default music folder, then using the synchronize function, so they detect the com folder as having nothing, so they transfer all the songs until both the contents of the folder and the mp3 player are the same. :D
it doesnt work that way on the ipod i think

that time i connected my ipod to a computer with an empty itunes...it asked if i wanted to sync...and wiped out everything. :lol:
Hahah..ofcourse i didnt. Wouldn't give up the entire collection just like tht now would we? :lol: The nano looks pretty good to me. Works fine too. I say itz a real gd buy, given the size of it. The size is incredible, thtz the major factor of a Nano. N i think for most of us 4gb is enough pls do not b greedy.
if the folder has nothing i think ur iPod will have nothing also Lemme go try..
that happens when ur iTunes is set to Synch Mode. best to change it to Manual Mode. so u won't have "accidents" next time.

btw, what do you think of the ipod nano?
the iPod nano looks great! its small, portable, and most important of all, its an Apple. and i guess it plays great too based on the iPod that i currently have now. 4Gig is enough for "most ppl". unless u intend to carry ur whole cd collection with u... (i do! its greed!!!) which is not a bad thing btw...
anw can i use an ipod nano as a thumbdrive of sorts(juz gotta bring the cable everywhere), as in can plug and play to backup data?
hmmmmm... i not so sure abt that. i know the iPod i have can be used to store data. but i never did use it that way...
for the ipod mini and ipod you can enable use as a hard drive. i think you should be able to use it like that for the ipod nano too.
I think theres a program called Ephpod. Used to use it to transfer songs to my ipod when my computer was Windows ME and couldnt support iTunes.