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hi all... i have been playing guitar for like 5 yrs...
my first guitar is yamaha CG100 then shortly after
i bought a sunburst samick and a trace elliot brat amp
then a friend gave me his yamaha EG303 (if i didnt remember the model wrongly)

Now i am using a ibanez pgm3, eversince i got my yamaha DGstomp 3 yrs ago.... is stop using my boss DS2 and DD3.

hmm i enjoy music from jason becker, marty friedman, paul gilbert, vai, andy timmons... and the list goes on and on...

i prefer mainly instrumental music... recently have been doin some experiementing with jazz and blues stuff... ehehe... but i still suuck bit time...

my everest is to play serena by yours truely becker... haiz... dunno when can be able to do that...

i also enjoy recording my own piece via cakewalk home studio 2003... but ever since my motherboard died on me... i cant really do much nowsday... sianz...
anyway... i posted one piece i recently recorded in the open mic forum... hope u guys can give me some comments!!

keep on rocking,
let ur heart do the "walking" and not your fingers
hi and welcome! hope u enjoy ur stay ^^ btw, that part about the heart and fingers, o_O u came up with it or u read it somewhere? :D