Intro: Unspoken


New member
we're an indonesian band, plays only for our church gigs.

formed in 2003,

vocals: Ronald, Juanita, Novi
guitars: Mulyadi, Philip
bass: wiwin
drums: giovanni, Ronald

changed lineup in 2004,

vocals: Arry, Dimas, Ronald
guitars: Mulyadi, Ronald
bass: Wiwin
drums: Giovanni
kazoo: Randy
hi mulyadi

so, are you in Singapore? what do you do? I mean, are you working/schooling?
yeah! juz curious lah... hav u ever perform in any gigs b4..n currently r all ur band members in spore? if not hows the response frm your country on all the rock bands over there? me kepo seh like reporter aje..hehe :wink:
Another Indonesian here ... Sama - sama orang Indo .... Gw pemaen keyboard ... btw what's KAZOO ? and which church are you from? cos yer name sound familiar have i ever met you ? dari GPO...

hmmm...i attend Orchard Road Presbyterian Church, and yeah...i'm a student in singapore. just finished my o's recently... yupz...

hamlet: we did have 2 gigs so far, but it was an all-indonesian kinda event organized by my it doesn't really count as a 'gig' by itself... and we don't jam that much, just about 2 months before our gig date, and we do covers of indonesian n some english rock bands.....

mr keyboardman...whor u? o_O

well...the Kazoo is an instrument that makes funny noises...well...not really funny, but yeah...difficult to anyone?