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hi all,
thought i would just say hello!

My name is rick :?

I also run a guitarist forum with ZerO9er
He mentioned this place!
it seems very cool with some totally awesome guitarists.

i have been playing for just over 5 years and would gladly stop working, sleeping, eating breathing for more guitar playing time!

here is a recent picture of me with Zero9er in singapore!

cheers guys just to the left of us we had spotted a yjm strat and were going into the shop for a mess. this is why we were smiling so much!!!
I didn't get the the fall into sea part. really. is it the one with logo on the shirt or the one with blank black shirt?
Mr_KeyboardMan said:
Hi nice to meet you rick ... kadir told me about you

maybe three of us can jam together sometime ... he he 8)



awesome, next time im in singapore maybe i will be able to stay a bit longer than the 18 hours i was there last time!

then we can all jam!!!