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Hello Everyone

Came across this forum as I was researching for BC Rich Warlord Guitars and Guitar Port. Good to know that there is a support forum for like minded people of all ages, size, color and wutever. Anyways, on to some things bout myself.

Am 37 years young now. Singaporean living just across the border in JB (all about the currency... and being able to live in a landed property without having to rob a few banks). Have 2 adorable children, 4 year old boy and a cute 2 year old little girl. Nowadays, my wife and children are my inspiration and muse.

Discovered music when I was 14 years old when a couple of classmates brought some rock cassettes and played them in class during teacher's day. That very day I remembered buying my first rock cassette; ACDC "For those about to Rock, We Salute You".

Was in the school band(St. Patrick's) and when they brought in electric guitars, keyboards and a bass guitar, I just couldn't get my hands off the bass and from there self taught myself as well as learn and listen to other bassists. Oh, as time went by, I taught myself to play the guitar and drums. Comes in handy when your a bassist and understand the fundamentals of the other instruments in the band.

Thru the years I've jammed with a couple of groups playing all kinds of music. Rock, Jazz, Blues...whatever suit our fancies during those times. Took part in a number of competitions. Last competition I think was A Yamaha Combo in the Finals and came 3rd place. Did a few concert gigs here and there.

During the 80's local musicians didn't have much support. Couldn't make money unless you were lucky enough to be discovered. One day we got cheated by some organizers and I gave up my hopes of being a pro-musician. Just as my Band was in the midst of splitting up we got an offer from some music producer from KL. By that time however, we were on our way to pursue our own path in decided to leave and pursue a different carreer path. My Vocalist actually made it....had 2 hit albums in the Malay market in Singapore and Malaysia. However, just when things were going well for him....some mysterious sickness took over him and he passed away.

I joined Singapore Airlines, used my free tickets to recce schools in Canada. Left Singapore in late 93 and never came back until end of '98.
While in Canada I got myself a Diploma in Creative Arts, majoring in Cinema/Communications...continued on to University where I Specialized in Film and TV Production.

When I got back, times were pretty bad in Singapore. Depressing economy and unemployment was like a fashion trend then. I got employed doing TV programmes in a production house and from there moved on to better positions and experiences with other production houses and finally went freelance. Even took a job once as Webmaster of a Dot,com company in Suntec City...was the only guy around there with a ponytail...heh.

Got married. 2 kids later, I realized that my ever fattening body and decreasing hairline couldn't handle the 3-4 weeks of on location film/TV shoots and that whenever I'm away from home, I would just miss my kids too much.

So recently I created a tiny fledgling Production House based from home. Set up my own post production equipment and some shooting gear. And nowadays I try to concentrate more on doing corporate videos, training videos. I also sell professional video camcorders to my contacts overseas.

Well, that's my whole life in a nutshell. Nuthing too interesting but to me it's everything.

Now that I find this website, I'd like to help out bands out there needing to make their demo music a much discounted price of course...I still got to pay the bills and feed my family...heh.

Well, that's it about me...send me a PM or call me to talk about your music and wutever. I can offer free advise for those who need. I'll be here if you feel like you can't cope with things or just need to talk....anyways...good luck to you all and in your music and life...

BTW: Is there a resell value for BC Rich Warlord Bronze Series here? And does any of you heard of a gadget called the Guitar Port or have it?

Nusantara - Retired Fat Rocker :wink:
hi Nusantara, cool stuff you got going there.

Guitar Port is from Line6. Seen it in action, fun piece of entertainment.
:D i have the guitarport and good... can just pm me if u want to know.