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Lol, hi guys! I'm not too sure what I'm suppose to say here but yeah - My name's Deb, you can call me Nix or Angelikat though. My musicality comprises of the piano, guitar, and musical arrangement/song writing. I've been playing (rather, did play) the piano for 7 years. Couldn't be bothered ending it with my final grade though so it was kind of left hanging. Then I found an interest in poem writing - which ultimately led to my love for song writing. That being said, I took up the guitar to add a lil' spice to it all. Once that whole phase started, I found a huge love for the guitar.

Obsessions with crazy solos, awesome bands like Children of Bodom, Kalmah and Dream Theater started me going. I've been obsessed ever since. It'd be great if I could get hooked up with some rock gigs 'round here - apparently they have heaps and I've just been too ignorant to know about 'em all lol. So yeah, that's all from me. Ciao for now. \m/
hey, great to see you here.

this place frucking rocks, I love it. the community spirit is so good, the people are great, we know about things before anyone else ( music wise in singapore) and i am very proud to be a member of this forum, I hope you feel the same.

Have a good time, dont feed the trolls and everything will be swell.

C ya at school :p