Intro : Gerald


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Hi all,

I am Gerald, 20 this year. Currently serving my NS. Been playin' e axe since 2000. I'm with a local band - Creations' Dream

I'm hanging on a ESP/LTD EX-50 powered w dual EMG-81s & a ZOOM GFX-8.

Hope to learn more abt axe & e art of ax-ing from you guys in this forum.

Take Care. Peace!
Hi Gerald,

hope to exchange more ideas with u on the ZOOM and oso other guitar stuffs ... n\/m man


I'm glad to exchange pointers & learn more stuffies. Need to get familiarized w all e gears or else ill be stuck.

What equipments do u own?

Yupsie.. probably e 1st event we'll be participating is the Youth Alive 2005 :) catch us dere.