Intro - Gerald (Project:CD)

how abt sum1 demonic huh?....... :evil:

hahahaha........ just joking....... n welcome 2 the softie gang....... :wink:


Haha of cuz we can be friends with all of u, be it christians or non-christian, holy rock band or demonic metal band. We're all humans :) Don't worry yea, we're kewl peepz who dun pre-judge anyone. We're glad that you guys replied to our posting. I'm realli very honored.

Anyway, can visit us at our web portal or our blog at or our forum at :)

Take care ya'll & have a nice day. Ciaoz.
aiyah christian or not, we here to discuss religion...NOT. But music, that's y called sound of friends together(s.o.f.t).

welcome. i play in my bedroom one.
Re: Hi

Anyway, was kidding abt the satanic stuff. just wanted to test your reaction. You're a cool guy. Rock on.
hi neuro182, welcome welcome. hope you were not frightened by those naughty SOFTies above. hee..hee... they are all just playful when a member intro themselve.

ok SOFTies, all play Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars :smt034