intro: ephyra


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hey guys!! ... We're ephyra ... Would lyk to formally introduce my band... although we have already been a member in the forum for some time though lol ...

We are:
Adam - guitars
Yirun - guitars
Redha - Bass & Vox
Hakim - Drums
Ian - Vox

a small introduction :

Ephyra was formerly known as CrystalWaxDolls when it first formed in 2002. in 2004 line-up changed and Ephyra was born. Keeping 4 of their existing members, (Yirun, Redha, Adam & Hakim) Ian replaced old vox to start anew with the band. Back then CrystalWaxDolls was seen as more of a Alternative band. Ephyra aims to bring a new perspective in the post-hardcore/screamo/emocore field. More-matured sounding and focused Ephyra invites u all, inhale us in and enjoy the ride!! :twisted: .

locate us at
Purevolume @
pics at :

we jus released our single "only u" which is downloadable on our purevolume
page or alternatively go here (right click and save target as ) All criticism and praises welcome !! :D

hope to join and blend in with the soft family ...
LEts BrinG the LoCAL sCene TO THE NexT LEveL!! :twisted:
Man i prefer yer old name man..hahah. Bt well u guys r great performers as well as gd musicians. U'v got one of the legendary drummers in Singapore history :lol: Keep it up. U adam? 8)
Hey anubitsch !! thanx man ... appreciate it !! :D ... yup hakim still hitting hard ... haha .. hey do we know u ... yup adam here ...
neither am i.. is the single up for sale yet? tell us when your next gig would be aight.. we would be there.. wish syed happy birthday too..
haha sure bro will keep u guys informed ... yup hey we will be having a small get together for his birthday tomo night ... will tell the details tomo ... all welcome jus come and drop by and slack alound .. haha
hey yokocha !! thanx dude ... hey guys we posted another song errr 1/3 of the song actually ... jus recorded not yet mixed so yup abt 1 and a 1/2 min long thing .. go check it out at .. thanx

will post this up on open mic ...
all critcisms and praises welcome!!
criticism? hmm letz c. Not abt ur music bt abt the guys in the band :eek: Adam, pls reduce the goatee. Hakim, dont b bald. Ian gain some weight on the height. Syed dont grow any taller. Yirun take the beanie off :lol: just kiddin
haha thanx for the advice .. yup we will try bro .. actually we changed alot of our style aleady haha