Intro: Chimaera


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Well another indonesian here, studying in NUS. Was in the Raffles hall band, n still do 'session' work with them, actually a lot of times when they have gigs then usually ill get called. I was in the NUS CAC band too but i left coz of skool conflicts n personal stuff. Well yeah am now on my own hope to improve my guitar n bass skills though, hope to do the thing where u record all the instruments by yourself but i can play drum for nuts so prob DR rhythm will come in handy haha. I think coz am like very nervous on stage haiez. Hope can sumhow get over it. More of a bedroom player now, oh well,.....
Hi chimaera!
If u interested in home studio recording come on down on 11th Dec at CT Music at 1pm...they hav a demo there. :wink: