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Hello everyone, Im looking for a guitarist to collaborate, and form an indie band :)
I have written a few songs and wanted to post an EP by end of this year or next year, so I am looking for a band partner.

Preferred characteristics of members:
-Like or will listen to indie music :)
-Have a dream to develop music
-Likes to perform
-Likes music style of indie pop, folk or dream-pop
-Easy going and light minded, open to suggestions and sharing ideas

Music style:
-Folk, dream-pop, experimental
-Song style based on guitar
-Majority of my songs are in Chinese but English songs will be added to the list soon

Reference Style / Songs / Singer for the band:

Singer : 魏如萱 waa wei , 房东的猫, Clairo, Florist...

Flower Face

Plan for band:
-release an EP
-participate in indie band performance or open mic session
-Will find a professional music producer to help complete the EP

Preferred Guitarist:
-Knowledge of guitar arrangement or music arrangement concepts
-Can improvisation Solo
-Have experience in performances
-Have time for practice and jamming sessions
-Willing to go for performances

About Me:

I am Mindy, from Malaysia, currently staying in Singapore. I like to write my own songs and sing. I majored in Arts and graduated in Taiwan. When I was studying in Taiwan, I had my own indie band, also I was singing at a cafe and bar, and now I am an art teacher in Singapore. My dream is to have a band and share our original songs on the Youtube channel, Spotify and perform in different places. The current role I can play in this band is vocal, writing lyrics, composing, arrangement ideas and the visual branding and planning for our band. I hope to find someone who has the same dream as me to develop, play and enjoy music together.
Do contact me via dotsmindy@gmail.com or +65 96137002 if you are interested! Thank you.
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