Intro: Chang


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K i'm really bored here so i decided to finally step out of the shadows.

Yea been lurking in this forum for quite a while. Posted a little back then but realised tt i dun have much to offer.

Anyways, the name is Chang. I'm 21 this yr, been playing the guitar for abt 4-5 yrs i guess. Started off playing some cheesy acoustic love songs to cheat girls haha. Yea got my girl now, so switched to playing electric last yr. Not tt good at it, still learning as always.

Took some lessons from Beez, but sch work got the better of me so gotta stop a while. But well, it's time well spent with the old man. Learnt lotsa great stuff tt opened up my playing. Highly recommended if u wanna learn rock/blues.

Formed a band with my kakis last yr, but due to commitments we aren't able to jam together anymore. Or let's just say everyone is lazy haha.

Kinda a one man band at the moment. Writing my own originals and recording them at home + programmed drums. Something simple for my friends to enjoy/hate.

Personally i take music as a form of self-enjoyment. I love writing and composing songs, and of course i derive greater pleasure if pple appreciate my music. And i think music is not abt beating the metronome haha.

Yea tt's abt it, if u are keen on listening go to:
Haha thanks moo. Anyways i forgot to add tt i can't really sing, cos what my brain thinks im singing doesnt really reflect on what comes out of my mouth. So yea it's kinda off. But heck, i'm a one man band, gotta sing anyways. Haha.
chester277: thanks tho i dun really think it's tt nice.. er..

bizzynick: cool! any material to share?