intro : bigrabbit


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Hi all!

i m a guitar noob
yes playing for long time but no progress
extremely untalented i guess :(

i hav a fender strato amer std 91, a epip les paul, a hamer bass, 2 mefx a zoom n a a dod 2 amps, fender n hiwatt

sigh....a lot goodies but skill is lacking
hi there, ur self taught?
if you are , well it will be slow during your 1st few years, like mine..
but as long as you have the passion, you will be a better guitarist..
yeah i am and i sux at it
no i'm not falsely humble, i really sux
when i go to the guitar shops ie sweelee yamaha..etc often see guys playing like gods
man....i really need to enrol myself in some formal course to get it right i guess

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