Ibanez's design and Fender's sound?


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Hi guys, I'm currently wanting to get a new guitar and I'm looking for Ibanez's design, yet its close to Fender's sound, Clean and distorted kind of feeling. I need Ibanez's 24 fret and the slim and sexiness of their neck.

Anyone can recommend me any guitar?
An RG that would sound like a Strat? Highly unlikely as the 2 designs are way different. I've seen Strat necks that have 24 frets. However, a Strat's neck profile would definitely be bigger compared to an RG no matter what.
Yea, that's why im looking for Recommendations, for 2 of these different specs to be as close as possible. Maybe some Ibanez model that sounds clean and distorted? Thats what im looking for..
AFAIK, most RGs are either Basswood or Flame Maple on Mahogany. There are no RGs that are made of Alder wood unfortunately. Well in terms of pickups, most RGs are routed for either H/S/H or H/H which also poses to be a problem.

What's your budget anyway? my suggestion is get an RG and swap out the pickups. RGs in general are versatile guitars.
I currently have an RGD which i don't really like it. Perhaps Models like S or anything? Brands like ESP will also do, Probably if the 18> frets are easily accessible

My budget is around 1k+
A second hand RG prestige should do the job fine. The AANJ makes reaching the higher frets easier. The thing about the RGD is the longer scale length which might affect the overall tone of the guitar as well. S series is equipped with a Mahogany body which kinda resembles a Gibson SG if you ask me. Of course, you have to take note of the different scale lengths.

The thing about ESP is that it's too darn expensive & the stock pickups equipped in those Horizons have crazy output. They distort even on the clean channel haha! Good for heavier music though.

Get a second hand RG and swap out the pickups. you will get something decent.
I acquired an old Ibanez RT recently, which is as close to a strat as you can get for an Ibby (i think). Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and traditional trem. What I liked about it is 24 frets. The Viper neck is thicker than the wizard, but slightly slimmer than a modern C strat neck; kinda in between. Very versatile guitar!

Unfortunately, there are no alder bodied Ibby in production at the moment. Unless you don't mind Ash.
RG470 :
@Relinquish69, Yea, Its because of the scale length, thats why im changing my guitar. I wanted E tuning so badly, I cant stand the D tuning. It sounds really wrong for the music i play. hahaha. Is RG that impressive? I see quite a number of people using it though.

@Dodgethis, Its too expensive @_@ and I would like to try to avoid second hand if possible..
@lazy3yed, Yea, the Ash, brown ones i saw at swee lee. They are really cool guitars man. But as cool as it looks, is it good?
i think the closest guitar in production now by ibanez is andy timmon's signature, but that's about usd 2.5k new.

the easiest and most practical way is to heed wck's advise. the rg470ahz looks good! that's what i personally do to my H-S-S pacifica last time with two push-pull mods on my tone and volume control. they coil split my humbuckers in the bridge and neck respectively. after a while though, i found out i never needed to use the single coil on my bridge and now i've just opted for a parallel mod on my neck hb. my middle pickup remained as a hum cancelling single coil voiced pup.

if i ever needed a strat sound, my mid pup would do quite a good job at that, and if i needed a rounded strat sound, my parallel wired neck hb would cover that. apart from that, my options are still open for a bridge hb and a neck hb!

maybe you would like to consider these mods to widen your tonal options? i have a total of 10 fairly different tones on my pacifica now with just two push pull mods! (my other pp pot now activates my bridge pup)
Ibanez J custom with dimarzio virtual vintage blues on the mid pickup, really sounds like strat. I've heard it from my teacher's guitar