ibanez SA120 floyd rose


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anyone out there can shred some light to my question....

if i were to change the floyd rose of my SA120, what is the next best floyd rose i can replace it with & how much is it??

Hopefully u guys out there can help me out...thanx...
the SA120 is Floyd equipped? not aware of that...

the SA120 this year (2005) is equipped with a uni-directional SAT vibrato. if you intend to load a Floyd-type bridge in there, it will involve marked gouging in your guitar body cavity. it's too costly & might affect tone. the best alternative, if you are keen in a Floyd unit, is to get a Floyd type Ibanez, there are plenty out there...
opps sorry.... i didn't realli know what is that called... haha... but is there anything i can go to hold the tunning of my guitar when i wham?? Is it because of the tunning head or the SAT??
You could get some locking tuner machines, example Sperzels, Schallers, Gotoh etc. But I believe the key for a non-locking trem would be a well lubricated nut (saw this somewhere LOL, I'm just typing what I remembered). Also remember, it's not a floyd/locking unit, so don't push it too hard, that isn't what it was made for. :wink:
I remember seeing the Sperzel set at Davis for $96, I think. Can't remember.
They cost different for colours such as black and gold as well.
it's best to detach the current tuners (only one will do) of your guitar & bring it to the shop as a sample. some replacement brands have a different screw slot position which means, you can't screw it into the current screw holes in your headstock.