Ibanez Price


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i saw an ibanez at swee lee for 395 bucks its gonna be my frst guitar shud i get it or not?i didnt wanna try it... not a gd player
do you remember the model number?

with the price that you mention, it should be RG 270 or 350.
Don't buy china made Ibanez, save more money and buy 370 DX, it is good axe to start.
Hi, don't shy. Just get the sales person to make his sales pitch. If you are still a beginner, ask him to demostrate to you the features.

Remember, different guitars are suited for different sounds and type of music. But got swiss army knife type, suitable for most music, which is a (FAT STRAT CONFIG) single-single-humbucker.

Know what you want, not get it because it's cheap or looks good.
Of course, if you got your eye on that guitar and you got the money. Ask to try it out.

It's not very nice to try things out totally, then tell the sales person you don't have the money.

But, it's ok to be honest. State that you just want to try out but don't have the cash now to get it. He'll probably let you try it anyway, but not pay too much attention on you.
If he refuse, just too bad, see if you really want to try & buy elsewhere.

Just some buying and selling ethics I guess, which is lacking a lot in Singapore in both consumer and retailer.

yea i noe watcha mean man. but theres an old guy over at swee lee nice man wanted to give me 25% on everything i bought i think hes the only nice guy there i went to davias and they were like all staring at me as if i was going to steal the LP or something
hey, what's that ibanez model you have in mind? maybe i can go audition it & put a brief take on it here? 8)
i cannot remember dat well cuz most ibanez look the same but its all the way in the back where they store their bass guitars, at swee lee brass basah or however u spell it...u cant miss it right nxt to the corts its orange in color
i see... these are the Gio series Ibanez guitars, strictly entry level units. the one sporting non-floating vibratos are decent, especially the GAX models...


Is it orange in colour and all the way at the end of the row? Cos i think it might be a GSA-60. And that is the only orange guitar that suits the price tag of 295. a SA-160 is much more than 395.
it was 395 orange in color i think my friends friend juz bought it lol! nxt to the purple 1 near the corts not teh GAX definately not man it had them slim S shape
Bump. Hi, I saw the same guitar there too. AND I tried it.

I'm just a newbie and my mum simply asked if he could demo the guitar and let me try it. Just be honest and tell the shop guy you want to try the guitar lar! You don't need to have cash to buy, just make sure you don't keep trying(like what I did) and don't buy anything. :lol:

I can't really tell if the guitar is good since I'm a newb. But it is surely alot better than the Corts I tried(those beside it). Light-weight and very nice sound. I think I'm getting it as my first guitar too. :) It's one of the more reasonably priced of the guitars placed beside the basses(guitars beside the basses = cheaper guitars from $245-$500).

btw, I also want the Model number. AND could this be it?
the Ibanez in question is the GSA-60. i used to own this guitar. if you are looking for an entry-level player, this one's pretty decent. the curved top makes it a very comfortable unit to play, one-up against the GRX-40 i'd say...

if you don't whammy, i'd still recommend the GAX models. the Gio series with non-floating vibratos are good guitars to own. if you do whammy, then look beyond the Gio series. 8)
this model is SA160 with laminate top. it's available without the flame laminate top, cost slightly less but swee lee not bringing in any more... the SA160 feels much better than the GSA definitely. the pickups are also slightly better but they are still too midrange-inclined to me.
Thanks for the info! I'd think about getting it.

Is there a guitar within it's price range that's better for beginners?