Ibanez Neck Shapes


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So as per thread title...Ibanez Neck Shapes

I'm on a mood to get a new guitar, and every time I swing by Swee Lee, I am always attracted to the Ibanez's. Problem is I have a thing against the necks. I've played LPs and Strats with rather rounded C necks and I've grown accustomed to them, with the gripping style, thumb over the neck. I had a Xiphos some years back and I couldn't stand how flat the neck was. Gripping will always hurt my palm.

Question: are there Ibanez's with C necks? I read somewhere only the JS series have them. But I'm looking at the superstrats...floating trem...dual humbuckers...
I think the Ibanez John Petrucci model had a neck more like a Music man, if that floats your boat. But most of their necks are really thin and flat.
then don't limit yourself to ibanez!
caparisons, jacksons, fgns and other japanese companies make outstanding superstrats.
im a thicker neck kinda guy and i can honestly tell you capa necks are amazing, if you can find one that is =P
@mechanevil I've never tried EBMM so I don't know the shapes. How do they feel? Flat back? Rounded?

@ladyintears I try not to, trust me! I have been avoiding them like a plague. But you mentioned thick, Ibanez do have thick necks, I have tried the premium series. But thick and FLAT. Thick, please. Flat, no. I think you're referring to the U-shaped neck. Lotsa shoulder. Not my type as I play with thumb over the neck.

Jacksons? Hmm, kinda not appealing to me, aesthetically. haha!

Caparison, Tom Anderson and the likes, really lovely guitars. I wish I can try them. How do you compare the neck with other guitars? I've been eyeing Kiesel guitars too but I hope to get something available locally.
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caparison necks are definitely on the chunky side, thats why i love them, go try and dellinger or horus and you'll fall in love.
if you've cash to spare and dont need the guitar immediately, go join the wiredguitarist group run where you get custom options for really good prices, if im not wrong the kiesel run just ended and the caparison run is starting soon
Ibanez discontinued the SZ series, these models sport a non-Wizard profile which offers a different feel.
@ladyintears got not much to spend. haha! perhaps 2k. I'll look into them. thanks!

@subversion aww man. sucks for me. no ibanez then! thanks
Yes, only the JS series has necks like strats eg JS1200. I have the same issue with Ibanez necks as well, I love thick necks, so I ended up with PRS as they have thick pattern profile necks with 10" radius fingerboards. I also have a JS1200 if I feel like surfin with the alien ��, haha...!
@ladyintears got not much to spend. haha! perhaps 2k. I'll look into them. thanks!

@subversion aww man. sucks for me. no ibanez then! thanks


for your consideration, wizard neck on the left, caparison neck on the right