WTS: Ibanez J.Custom S - JCS12 25th Anniversary


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This is an extremely rare, brand new, S series J-Custom which ibanez only released in extremely limited quantities. This J-Custom represents the pinnacle of ibanez craftsmanship and is probably the highest end ibanez you can ever find in the market.

This J-custom also features a set neck as compared to bolt on (all other jcustoms have bolt on necks) which is usually never done. There were only two of these pieces ever brought in to SG.

-African mahogany body with a glossed finish
-Flamed maple top
-5 piece mahogany and bubinga set neck (not bolt on) with a satin finish
-Selected ebony fretboard with tree of life inlays, with the J-custom fret treatment (rounded edges)
-17 inch radius
-Edge zero tremolo bridge w/zps3
-dimarzio air norton/dimarzio true velvet/dimarzio tone zone pickup combination

All the wood have been hand selected by the top luthiers in ibanez to give the best combination in sound, weight, as well as aesthetics possible. At the moment, aside from this grade of custom shop instruments, it is practically impossible to get this level of workmanship from ibanez.

Guitar comes with the case candies, strap locks, an original ibanez custom shop hardcase which has tarnish on the metal parts, but works well, and also a booklet with a certificate of authentication inside.

I am currently looking to sell it, but am also open towards any interesting trades that people can offer me. Only reasonable trades will be entertained.

Please do take note of the value and rarity of this guitar before offering anything. Any lowballers who try to pull a fast one will be ignored as I am in absolutely no rush to sell this beautiful guitar, would have no problem keeping it if there's nothing interesting, but of course, genuinely interested parties are always welcomed to come take a look at it. Interested parties who want better photos can whatsapp me at 84281228 or message me here.

Thanks for reading!

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