ibanez FR system question


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yeah i might get a FR ibanez soon, yeah been trying whammy stuff on my only TGM strat. ( yeah i own les paul but no bigsby aha ). yeah been hearing lots of stuff of FR stuff, is FR really tat troublesome? im afraid i might really screw myself up on restringing. normally when i got a new guitar i will change the string immediatly, but my next new guitar is a FR one, is restring a FR tat hard? and i heard numerous of pp who told me NVR gig with a fr guitar without any backup guitar. is this true? the string will snap so often? also i release tat my tgm only can push down on the tremola, cant pull up, a FR wan can push and pull? i heard tat if u pull it up it might break the string? hmm... and also im be a les paul / telecaster user for quite long, im afraid i might not get use to the wizard neck. is wizard neck tat thin? how much thinner than lp can somemore rought estimate? yeah thx
Okay... first, when you get a Floyd equipped Ibanez... make sure you do not get any ibanez with the old TRS series trems... these are horrid trems, made for the cheaper Ibanez guitars, and they don't keep tuning well.

A FR is definately more trouble than a fixed bridge. Yes, you will take longer to restring and its more complicated.. but its nothing practice can't solve. I started on a FR guitar... my first electric (and still my only electric) had the Ibanez Edge (legendary trem) and I spent 5 hours on my 1st restring. Now, I take 15 minutes.. and 15 minutes a month ain't bad. ;)

If you understand the physics of a FR, you will understand that once a string snaps, tuning is compromised, hence never give without a backup guitar... anyway, regardless of what guitar you are using, never gig without a backup.

No, the strings don't snap often if the FR is setup well and there's no rough edges.

A FR can push down or pull up.

If you pull up, you might break a string? Well, if you bend you might break a string.. basic metalurgy, stretching metal weakens it.

Ibanez wizard necks are thin and flat... I love it... its a love/hate affair... generally, the wizard feels faster than an LP neck due to the flat, thin shape and there's no stupid laccquer on it so no sticky feeling.

How much thinner? Wizard necks at the nut are somewhere round 17mm to 19mm thick.

In a nutshell, yes, a FR is troublesome... but then you can do so much more with it... it opens a whole new dimension of playing... and IMO, its worth it.

Then again, please make sure you are into such... guitar wizardry... otherwise, the FR will be a chore more than an upgrade. ;)
Oh yeah... a good FR system (like the Ibanez Edge, ZR, Edge Pro) that's well setup, is the most stable tuning system.

You might find yourself fiddling with the fine tuners once or twice in a week...
If you're more of a lead player, get a floating bridge.
If you're a rhythm guy, you won't be using the whammy bar that often, so consider a fixed bridge? But having a floating bridge is no harm. Your strings might go out of tune once in a while, and tuning it for the first time after a restring is a bore.
Go for it.. the ZR trem is excellent... only drawback? If ever the ZR gets damaged, you can only order from Ibanez and it ain't cheap.
If you're more of a lead player, get a floating bridge.
If you're a rhythm guy, you won't be using the whammy bar that often, so consider a fixed bridge?

I feel that a floating bridge does not determine what kind of a player you are, lead or rhythm. Rhythm guys could benefit from the flutter effect or tremolo movements to enhance the rhythmic tones.
personally i dun like the feel of ZR trem... its wierd to use 2-3 times more strength to dive than to pull back
Thats why you can remove the tremsetter device inside the ZR trem to make it truely floating. ;) Which is what I'll do... Personally, I find it wrong to do that, tremsetters... 8)
This is more a question about the user. Let me use the analogy of a car.

Both drive A & B drive same model car. Both cover the same mileage.

Driver A by habit drive with sharp cornering, gunning engine, prancing between lanes in heavy traffic, and hard braking almost all the time.

Driver B by habit take turns at proper speed, accelerate in tune, makes wise choice on lane discipline and employs engine brake when deccelerating.

Driver A have to change brake pads less than a year, bearings in about two year, overhaul engine, braking system, steering column & clutch/gearbox in third year.

Driver B only has to change brakepads in the fifth year.

Same with guitar, no matter how well the engineering is constructed, it's still up to the user. If you flaunt it, pay the price.
Splitting hair: the floating units in Ibanez guitars are not refered to as 'Floyd- Rose', these are floating vibrato bridges. Floyd Rose, is a brand name...

it's undestood that the Floyd Rose name is synonymous to the floating system in general- call it effective impression...
To bring it even further, the Ibanez Edge Pro, Edge Pro II and ZR trems aren't even licensed Floyds... they are Ibanez original designs... ;)
popeye said:
how about edge 3? is it licensed floyd?

And is it interchangeable with other floyd?

It is still licensed... and yes, its interchangable.. some guy on jemsite did it...

But note, there's always a risk when doing this... manufacturing tolerances can sometimes make a should-fit become a can't-fit... coz of a few mm here and there... You can always do a bit of routing though... ;)
ShredCow said:
Thats why you can remove the tremsetter device inside the ZR trem to make it truely floating. ;) Which is what I'll do... Personally, I find it wrong to do that, tremsetters... 8)

omg im getting confuse -_-

anyway is there any old models of s470/s520? i scare ltr i might got pervious models tat got a more unstable bridge or something.
actually went to sweelee and saw this s470 nt s470fxqm. the piece of paper hanging on the paper states tat its using a lo-pro or lo-trs, couldnt rem. but on offical ibanez web it says tat it uses ZR tremolo. izzit the same? or different? which one is betteR? im getting s470DXQM, wonder if there is "many" version of it? like 2004 version, 2005 version, 2003 version and suxh. i scare i might got the older set which uses a less stable bridge. hmm . . . help anyone?

also is there any pictures of s470dxqm? i wanna see something real, the pix at ibanez look fake. for example, the rg450 black, is with silver pickguard, but the ibanez pic show tat its white. hmm, i wanna see if the colour izzit nice. also too wat the different between s470dxqm and s470? juz the colour? or there is different? which one do u guys recommend?
Just don't get the ones with the following trem:
Anything with TRS on them
The ILT1 trem

Avoid those like the plague unless you intend to replace them.

What you saw is prob old stock.

The new S series have ZR trems...

Why ask for pics when the real thing is at swee lee? You can check on the Ibanez website for the list of colours... if swee lee has it, go see, otherwise, you might have to wait for the next shipment.

btw the s470dxqm and the s470, its the Quilted Maple top.