How to use my desk mixer for monitoring?


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Ive been using this holiday by experimenting my new mixer. Its Phonic "helix board 12 firewire", which means i dont need audio interface to record to the computer... here is the mixer:

But I have a question.. how can i do the monitoring and mixing using the desk mixer, not the software mixer (am using logic pro now).
I read that i can used the alt 3-4 channel to connect the mixer to the audio interface and return the signal back from the DAW to any of the channel line input.. I read it here: .

But thats it means that only one channel on the desk mixer can be adjust, instead of the whole channel? How can i select every single channel on the desk to be able to mix the output from the DAW (for monitoring)

The question is:
Do i need to get the audio interface?
And what is the appropriate connection should i used?

Hope anyone can help

Your mixer is for recording instruments and not for mixing. If you want hands on mixing on a piece of hardware, you'll need to buy a MIDI controller eg: Mackie/Logic control/Behringer BCF2000 etc.

You don't need to buy another audio interface as your mixer is already one.

For monitoring, you could send Aux 1 or Aux 2. These two are mono. For alt3-4, dunno really sure cos the manual take too long to download. Alt 3-4 look like a stereo sum bus to me, cos it say stereo bus. You can connect your headphone amp to the Alt 3-4 for extra monitoring. Lastly, you have to find out which output is the stereo bus if you wanna sum everything inside the mixer, then record into DAW.
congrats on your new audiointerface/mixer and welcome to soft

it's not "you don't need an audio interface" ,that thing is an audio interface + mixer in one.

you'll need to read up your manual abit more to play around with your control room source , aux etc etc. don't know which output jack has what signal/sound-playing-out-of-it? my own personal method is to have my iphone > input to mixer playing music , take a headphone and plug the audiophallus into every output hole you can find on the mixer eventually you'll get the idea.

p.s : make sure you also have read , yes I know it's recording, but the difference between monitoring and recording is not pressing the record button. read what works for you.