how to spin drumsticks ?

xcellancy said:
Any1 here got any websites or clips which shows how to spin a stick ??? can share ???

Don't know of any websites, but I watched a drum video (can't remember the name though) borrowed from the Esplanade library and the fella taught different ways of spinning sticks for showmanship. Kinda interesting. It's a video tape. Not a whole lot of drum videos there so you should be able to find it if you read the synopsis at the back of the tapes. If you see any of the video synopsis mentioning about showmanship, then that's the one.

Either that, or you can just watch the movie That Thing You Do. The drummer in the movie spins his sticks too lol. Just observe and follow :wink:

Hope this helps a little :)
is the movie "that thing you do" a millitary band snare drumming movie? coz i saw this moive about this teen that plays really well, and i enjoyed it. alot of stunts, like play the snare thn walk to your competitor and thn play his snare.
oooo.... i haf saw the military band clip b4 but it is not called "that thing you do"... "that thing you do" is a movie abt a band call>>> the wonders
If I'm not wrong, I think the military band movie you are talking about is called Drumline.
Thomas Lang DVD

Check out the Thomas Lang DVD.He devotes a whole section on stick spinning.Additionally, his solos and a few couple of songs incorporates stick tricks.

Its worth the purchase.
lol drumline rox!! i watched it more than 15times....i learnt every single trick there... u can say i'm quite good at it already wahahaha =D

yea i really wished i had the thomms lang dvd...i've been craving for that for a long time...i have no money to buy...and i really wanna learn new stick tricks too...

damn i just went to esplanade 2 days ago to watch the chicago connections...the jeremy montiero dude...haha real really nice jazz concert..loved it...if i had known abuot the video that u found in the library i wuold have went there..sigh..

~drummar buah~
haha... Jeremy Monteiro... should invite him to be a softie... lol... so glad that sg got such wonderful jazz dude.
Oh haha! Drumline Rocks! But i didn't watch the whole show. Randomly switched channels and saw it on starmovies! Pro snare player 8)
I started by pen spinning. Once you're pretty good at pen spinning, it'll be a hell lot easier spinning drumsticks. :D
i think start spiining drumsticks...pen is too small..don't have so much momentum...drumsticks are heavier and easier in my opinion.

~drummar buah~