how to select guitar

For a pure electric, type of wood does not really matter. You might want a body that is solid, finished and is not so prone to scratches. Basswood bodies I feel are most exposed and easily scratched. On the other hand, Solid Alder can take quite a beating. Well, these are just the experience of my previous guitar's bodies, so yeah. You might wanna have a look at various guitar body material and see which you prefer best :D
eh.......if the feel is gd, the sound is gd, and its comfortable....then its gd for u. but i think basswood isnt really that gd, mahogany or alder better ya.
Actually, the only sort of wood i can think of which supposedly isn't good is plywood. But then, Paul Gilbert had a pgm made out of it so... :D

I guess you shouldn't bother so much as too how much beating a particular wood type can take, if you take care of it, it's gonna stay nice all the time.

Check it out, explains the tonal aspects of different types of woods and how they look.