How to know if you sing well ?


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Hi guys. Im a 17 year old who loves music, singing in particular. Dont know any instruments currently but looking to pickup the guitar. Also wanna try composing lyrics, but dont know where to start.

Also, how can i find out if i sing well ah ? :lol: Thank you for reading !
Bottom_End said:
When glasses don't shatter anymore? :lol:

Its never happened before ? I think ..... :lol:

reocrd ur voice let us hear

Maybe, but any suggestion use what to record ? I dont have a computer microphone, if i need one any cheap but fairly good choices ?
Ok you might not be thinking about it now, but you might find yourself in need of something to record your audio with. I don't use it but computer music magazine has a CD with a sequencer, sampler, soft synth in it that will help you out.

But you might want to record it in this instead:

which is traktion. It's free and is mackie's sequencer of choice.
well, u can try your luck with and old skool cassette recorder/MD(recommended)
quality may not be good with a casete deck recorder but it does its job well for now, maybe u can fiddle with it,
juz tryin to help u out with wateva things u may already own but overlooked.
but the cd magazine is a good option.

Thanks, i will look around if i have one and try it..... if possible. Really eager to get some comments on my singing
yeah i feel must speak good english to write good lyrics and sing well .... even a pathetic singer can make a song sound average if he's good in the language .... there's just abit of slang in singaporean voice la, you dig? i rather listen to malay rock or something.

So do you think a good singer, he has good knowledge of the malay language, or maybe evem french, or italian, but can't speak them properly.

Can he sing or write well then?