How fast can you play a 16th beat with a single hand?

How fast can you play a 16th beat with a single hand?

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I am learning the rudiment and it seem like the fastest tempo playing 16th with a single hand for me can go up to only 100. how about you guys?
OOOOPS EDIT! 16th NOTES?lemme check...
110...LOL 16th notes on 300 bpm?INSANE :twisted:

left hand would get tired earlier though :lol:
more den 300bpm?!?....... :roll:

i've never hear be4 lei...... :eek:

vernplum, can upload n let us hear?....... :wink:

heard of the kind of sounds when u let sand flow onto ur snare? 16ths on a 300BPM.. that's damn damn fast..close to beating WFD.
dunno.. ask mike mangini? i once saw a video of this guy. he was one of the winners. 18 days training. 10 hours per day. stick control and training the hands..
play RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR for one hour. change hand. play at 200BPM as warm ups. then increase slowly. siao!!!
danmit! insane man, the drummer from rafe he uses that technique, very fluent!! very impresed when i saw him play like that.. when he plays the drums its Super clean, sounds like its comming from a cd player.