How did your band form?


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Tell us your story on how your band was formed. Internet? Friends? FRIENDSTER EVEN?!
well for my main band.. i was roped in as their guitarist was in bmt. and they had a gig to play in a week. so they auditioned me ...... its been about a year already.
for my band.... me n my vox were like playing marbles at playground last time... n suddenly we plan to make a band. and recruit others. lame but lame. up till now we r together

My classmates back in late secondary 1. We're very close friends so its really easy. We're still together now though there've been lineup changes, its still with schoolmates except for my drummer. We're still close :D
everyone in my band is studying in the same school now. we suddenly want to perform for teachers day 2 years back, so just form a band.
i dun hav real band.. boohoo :(

- Page (supposedly formed by Hidir to compete in Asian Beat) - originals

- Firesign Quartet (formed by me and a secondary school classmate - now defunct) - jazz/funk cover band

- YourthWreck (one day i was filling in for the lead guitarist in the band and then they asked me to join - now dunno what happen to em) - originals

- 11th Hour (met keyboardist - Kelvin from IRC and then i roped in Brandon from KABC blues club) - Dream Theater/Mr Big cover band

that's all.. not playing with any currently now.. although i think PAGE have plans to reform and gig...
Secondary school days, formed first band ever. Named Muddypool, derived from Puddle of Mud. Followed blindly playing lead punk. A switch in band members, renamed Sid'Ashtray, also punk. Finally i couldn't stand playing punk any more and left. It's really difficult for someone influenced in speed , rock and blues to play punk.

So there ya go. Now i'm part of the bedroom jam gang!
dont bluff lah, muddypool influenced by puddle of mud.

haha, pooo, we all knw what it really means eh?

it was going round mshs.

Really the name came from puddle of mud. I can't remember who but i think it was harry who called the original band muddypool so we stuck with it.

Miss those days and that cool gig :D
me,yazid(lead) and izan(percussions) were schoolmates. lol..been jamming together for 10 years already now. formed a malay/ethnic/funk band called Panggung Khayalan. now defunct...hehe

re-grouped with yazid to form a 3 piece band called Garage. still jammin.

formed up a "serious" band called Fatskunks. didn't think we were goin anywhere with it either..but thank heavens..a lot of support and least can make it lah..hehehe

Saw zaki(bassist) at a competition, asked him to join as a trial. lol. didnt take him long to decide to stay on.
saw elfie(drummer) at another competition. same case.

everyone clicked. chemistry was right. so there you have it..
Fatskunks. lol. dun ask where we got the name. last minute thingy.
Shakespear' Story

Hmm...Me the first time met amran ( guitarist n oso long time army fren ) in 2003 after so long never met..i tink around 10 years..n then together wif eddy ( vox n oso army fren ) n jai ( bassist n my bro ) we started to jam again after most of us 'gantung' playing music since 1990..

Initially amran suggest to jam juz once to fulfill our craving of jamming together...n sani ( jai fren ) join to play drum...i still remember the first time we jam was a disaster in the sense that everyone including me 'main semua berterabur' but we have a realy great fun time together..

Didnt noe that tis juz once can b tis long..hehe...then due to injury n other commitment sani was replace by Fuad n hence we stil practising til now..about the band name each of us give ideas on the name n we draw lot...n hence we giv the honour to chose the band name to one of the nyonya selling drinks n thats how the band got the name..Shakespear..hehe..i tink thats all folks abt my band.. :wink:
Ah Soon, Alez n mi play 2gether since year2000.........

den we changed members like mad..........

den last year....... 2004......... use the name RUSTYNAILS........

den Bryan joined us........

den 1st gig at RR........

den CK joined us.......

den we 2gether as this lineup til now n gig lor........