How can this be done????


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Until I save enough money for my Tyler Studio Elite :lol: I wanna mod my Ibanez RG. It got 2 HBs with 1 volume and 1 tone and 5way split blade selector.

This is what I want:
1 independent volume for each HB
no tone control :wink: well maybe but that mean extra hole in guitar :roll:
I also wanna be able to use both HB split at same time like Petrucci (right now in #3 position it is both HB on full)

How can this be done?? :?

If not....can you make a small donation to the Get-Limp-a-Tyler- fund? :D
Keep the 5 way positioning as it is, but wire either of the vol/tone pots to push pull, so when activated it bypasses everything and engages the split coil petrucci style.

I hope you'll be taking this to a tech, the wiring doesn't sound simple :lol:
Erm, i cant help you much. So i'll just make the small donation:D lolx. anyways yea u should just take it to the tech and get it done. and would be good if you have it explain it to u and all so you'd know what he's gona do wif your guitar. im gona be modding my ibanez rt soon too.
or you can change it to a 3 way switch and run each pickup into individual volume knobs, and have 1 knob with a push-pull switch for coil splitting are da man!!!! :idea: :D

I find Ibanez Satriani wire diagram. I think I can do it.........if I find the parts !!!! thx can be done like others mention..
but if u are on position 1 or 5 ..the other bridge pickup is not used right?
do u still need to control the vol?

u can spilt the pickup via the 5way super switch..
dunno if itcan be found here in sg...

u just need to convert the tone pots to vol pots and get the 5 way switch..
and a gd tech...

gd luck..