Hey doom birthday ( sick party ) gig


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Hey lookin out for ppl who wanna play in gigs or whatever, i'm gonna host a birthday (sick party) for all, during April 1st, MY bday is on Apr 4. admission gonna be free for all, so i'm lookin for bands who wanna play. Any one can apply, let me know thanks
yup i will open this application till march 2006, new bands old bands anyone can play, sick party, free entry, NO GOVERNMENT!!! Bring your own food and drinks. Venue will be decided later. Probably in feb 2006. Yup thanks for viewing and i hope you guys don't post shitty replies, cause this shit is serious business :p
nvm.. i can read his mind.. metal right? haha..
eh, its a cool thing u'r doing here...
good luck and happy b'dae in advance... :D
well if there's a PARTY, that's got us interested!!!! but just to check, the organizers will be paying for equipment rental?
we dont mind. we play anywhere. but yeah like serialninja said, what about equipments? do the bands have to fork out the cash?
I am the organiser, and i will pay for everything, unless people wanna help me then i can organise a bigger party, hahah thanks for checking it out, i guess this party will be opened to all, all kind of genres welcome, thought metal is much greatly appreciated hah, but i don't mind the rest, just came back from clubbing haha wanna play darkwave also can haha. i need people to help me with the booking of a place. Yup thanks again for checking out. So far one band approached me to say they wanna play
yeah we're good to go too!!!! we love parties!! feb sounds good (but if you can give us the date that's even better, so we can make sure we don't have any other gigs already booked)