Help on Multi-EFX units...


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Hi to all, am battling between whether to get a multi-efx unit this coming new year, or to save up for individual analog ones... M-efx is more or less everything inside... but then if so, wat is the appeal of having individual ones? Thank you.
IMO, digital effects multi efx may have alot of amp models and all, lots to play arnd, can tweak alot etc etc, may sound good at 1st, but after awhile, you'll realise that digital stuff has no feel to it, I've owned a boss gt-8 and now a pod, and also a good combo amp, all I can say is, I miss the combo amp alot
My friend got a XT live recently. Then I showed him EH English Muffin. Next day, XTL sold. Since then he has bought a TS9DX, my English Muffin, Keeley DS1 Ultra, EVH Phase 90. Both him and I gone through the modelling phase. And both us decided we will never get any modelling efx again. Better to be stuck with one good sound then a thousand lousy tone. From my own experience, no offense meant to anyone.
u cant really change the tone if you're using a multi fx...most people including myself prefers analog pedals...with single paedals, u can get the sound that u want and thus creating a sound for yourself(be diff. from others). U can only do much wit a multi fx...and just like GuitarNoob says, digital sound have no feel...better to get singles than multi fx although they are more expensive
there're 2 links on the Guitar Gear Sticky on this topic. Do read those and add to those instead if you have any more queries.
How about Vox Tonelab? i having always been toying with the idea of getting one, except that it's a bit too ex.

Tonelab's pretty goodk, had the SE one, has a more tubey feel than the PodXT bt not as many functions as POD.