help! desperate for a keyboard gig bag


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hey softies!

i've had my korg m50 for almost 3 months now and i only managed to bring it to jamming once. during that time, i almost died carrying my keyboard from home to the studio because the gig bag is kinda oversized and only has one shoulder strap.
and i'm kinda small boy. haha! i'm only 1.6m

after that day, i decided i should find another gig bag but so far i have found none. i'm looking for those where you can carry the gig bag haversack style or maybe those semi hard cases with wheels. but i'll opt for the haversack style more.

so any idea where to get such? maybe you guys can tell me any music shops too.

so far i've checked swee lee(thats where i got my other gig bag from), city music, luther music and keyboard theatre. the shops either only had gig bags where theres only the shoulder strap or theres no stock of what i want. and the next shipment is kinda taking awhile already. hehee

i've also thought of ordering online. so far i came across the brand 'fusion' and thought i could order one of their haversack style cases. and found out tymc is one of their distributors. went to tymc and asked, they said they can't order one from me. guess its because they only bring in fusion's guitar gig bags. then i contacted fusion directly and the next day they replied and said they'll check on other distributors. but so far now, i never get reply.

other than that, i couldnt find any other haversack style cases in the net. maybe you guys could suggest me some models. maybe i overlooked hehe!

if theres none, i guess i'll just order a gator keyboard case with wheels.

so you keyboardiezzzzz. help mehhhz!
i also need a haversack keyboard gig bag. contemplated leaving my kb at the jamming studio man hahahahhaa. have you found yours? mind sharing where?
i received a pm from a fellow softie, said she wanna sell her keyboard case to me. its a gator case with wheels.
when i bought it, i decided to take out all of the wheels and add in 4 wheels so that it can move while its upright. like luggage lah. hahahaha!

i think luther music has those gator cases in stock already. maybe you can call them.