Guyz check out a Band that call themselves Ministry Of Rock!


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Hi guyz if you want to listen to juz 1 band that can play songs from Deep Purple, Rainbow, Scorpions, Rush, Dio, Iron Maiden, Loudness, Malmsteen, Dream Theater & so on, you have to listen to Ministry Of Rock!!! They perform at MoonNight Club at Tras St I'll be going there on this fri nite. All of them are truely megapower musicians. So check them out!!! ':supz:' ':supz:' ':supz:' So Prepare to explode!!!
very true....
the trio of paul,anis & akeem,the core of the band have been together for a very long time...
if i'm not wrong they r the 1st local musicians to play DT live at WTC Amphitheatre.....
they rock!!!!
Yeah juno they really ROCK!!! Every time I went to see them play I will bring along as many friends as I could so that they can really appreciate their talents. From the moment they played the first songs till the end of the show, I truely enjoyed every moments of it. Furthermore they could play all the songs that me & my friends have requested. So Yan... why don't you join me? Age limit? Juz put that aside & leave it to me. Hopefully you can join me 2moro. :partyman::partyman:
i saw them play at tampines once, they played deep purple - smoke on water, only one word in my dictionary can describle them "POWER".... especailly the face melting solo.... phew... it was hot....
Yeah Ichiro all of them are like S'pore Megarockstar. Even thou i once played guitar with a band called Sh......before I had an accident, I felt that I was juz nothing compared to Paul Danial's marvellous skills. With Jatt as a veteran vocal, he sounds so much closer to Ronnie James Dio. Not forgotten Hakeem who was formerly a drummer of Savage & Triryche, his technical skill reminds me of Terry Bozzio, Dave Wekyl & Mike Portnoy. The bassist Anis... he sings while they play The Viking from Malmsteen & ofcourse playig his bass at the same time. WoW!!!!!!!! Sibeh POWER!!!!! :supz: :partyman: :supz:
yeah - power players esp my old kaki Paul ....havent cot their act 4 a while doe... 8)
hi metalizer,
next time u go there,send my regards to the 3 of 'em...
paul,anis & akeem....
Without a doubt!
That is perhaps the best band in Singapore! Superb skill and technic!
Totally awesome...btw metalizer u play wif a band name
Well its a good memoir we had tht wil always b in our heart forever!
Get well soon bro! :wink:
Ichiro, fgl & juno - Yesterday I went to see them. I've brought more than ten guys with me. What they could say was POWER!!! I've informed hakeem that you guys have sent your regards.He said thanks & enjoy. Next time I'll inform you guys again when I go there.

Yan - how old r u btw? Get back to me if u wanna watch them play.

Hey hamlet long time no see. Wanna jam hahahahihihihuhuhu... Well playing with you guys left alot of sweet memories. All the heartache & pains really pay. Hopefully the band that u have formed can go on without me. ROCK ON!!!

Why can't you see we were meant to be

We're walking through fire we're stronger than steel

We've joined our souls now we're free

We've reached our souls we finally see...
Well kind of an interesting band u've got there Metalizer it really capture my interest...

By the way u got the address of the pub they r playing???
Ok caesar I'll give u full details on how to get there.
Take mrt to tg pagar station.
Once u exit from the control station u turn left which leads u to Peck Seah St. & heads towards the escalator.
Go straight up.
Once u r on the ground level u exit to your right.
From there u will see red neon lights attached to a shopfloor building.
That's the place where Ministry of Rock is playing from Thu - Sun.
At Moonnight Club.
But after the band ends their show, u better get the hell out of there!!!
Occasionally got sexy bartop dancing.
Not suitable for underage like u kahkahkah...

For the rest of u guyz who r viewing my directorial message above, hope it can be a help to u. So LET US ROCK THE HOUSE TOGETHER!!!
Yeah man I juz Luv to watch good bands play. Have u heard of Metalasia? Well that's my favourite from Malaysia. Their guitarworks r mostly inspired by Cacophony. They play like Becker & Friedman stuffs.
GuitarNoob - Ok I'll ask hakeem how to sneak u in hehe.. That place is quite sleazy Noob. Full of sexy waitresses.
But our focus is juz on the band. Nothing else matter.
Juno said:
very true....
the trio of paul,anis & akeem,the core of the band have been together for a very long time...
if i'm not wrong they r the 1st local musicians to play DT live at WTC Amphitheatre.....
they rock!!!!

Hey! I was at that particular gig. Was that in 93 or 94?? I remember Adam from Global Chaos sang with them on some songs and so did Rudy who went on to form Mantera. I think they played Pull Me Under, Under A Glass Moon and Metropolis right?? I was starting to get into DT at the time, so watching these guys play these songs was mindblowing.
arrrgghhh...... WAT METALIZER???? ME UNDERAGE????

If u think so well that's good at leats i'm know that i'm younger but 'BARTOP DANCING'... WOW!!! Like that must go man.......