Guitar with floyd.


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Hi. Someone recommend me a guitar with the following specs? And the price as well? best if u tried it before or own one, then can share the "distinct" sound of it?

-Best if it is mahogany body. (bass wood also can).
-Maple neck(painted ones like lp also can)
-Floyd rose
-Strat-like neck, slim ones.
-best 22 or 21 frets. (24 also welcomed)
-H H configuration.
-best 3 way (5 way also welcomed)
-6 string.

thanks a lot!
Congratulations! You've just described your future guitar as an Ibanez RG. :D Don't like the middle pickup? Just screw 'em (in), literally.
hmm...check out the rg i have: rg prestige 2120X..fits all the descriptions except that the fingerboard is rosewood and its 24 frets..really nice baby doesnt look too aggressive or heavy and can still produce a rather mellow sound good for softer stuff(like some stuff i like) when you throw in some duncans or dimarzios.
Hey man,
Budget wise... for 500, I believe there is a Yamaha RGX (can't rem the model but its available from Yamaha PS) on sale on yahoo auctions Singapore... I saw it a month ago, its been reposted a couple of times.

Its a H-H guitar, with the Yamaha TRS system. Not the best but its okay and you can swap it out for a Gotoh Floyd or soemthing when you have the dough.
It has a toggle switch that bypasses all controls and activates the bridge pup for a huge treble boosted lead tone.
Made of alder... ah... rosewood fretboard...

Think you might wanna try that... I played it just a bit.. liked it! Even thought abt getting it for a project guitar! :)
Oh ya... Newbie.. for 300 to 600... don't hope to get a good floyd rose system... So yeah.. keep your expectations low on that aspect... The cheapest brand new guitar with a good floyd rose I've seen is a $900 Schecter guitar with OFR.
Hey man, Ive got a yamaha for sale, its a black RGX, going for 500 original price is 1k. its 4 months old. erm , has a double locking floyd rose licensed tremolo bridge, chrome hardware, 2 humbuckles, 24 fret thin U neck. haha, trust me its one sexy guit, going for half price of what its sold for in the shop. interested? comes with a free skull designed strap. contact me at 97379727 if youre interested! pics are available if you want too.