Guitar Tuner

Hey guys, any good guitar tuners to recommend? :wink:
As it not bad tuner not too expensive nor cheap..

The previous one i had is a lousy tuner.. so have to get a new one..
Hey man, check a couple of threads down. Chanmin posted a very similiar topic.

If you want something cheaper than those listed on that thread, try those Korg tuners @ $40 . Its on luther website.
Yo guys, i checked out the other thread but looks like it is not my budget.

My budget is around 20-60 prolly..

I checked out on the Korg Chromatic CA-30 if im not wrong, i went luthurmusic today but they are not selling.. any where else i can get it?

Otherwise do reccommend me some other nice tuners.. thanks.. :wink: